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Yet another suffering woman contacted me. (I think a lot of men are unhappy also, but they do not verbalise as women do). Here is her story:

‘It wasn’t supposed to end this way. I knew the journey would be difficult, but I had enough confidence in my ability to handle tough situations that I was sure all would be well; that he would respect me at least. But the going has become such stiff sledding, so hardheaded that I am near vanquished. I am close to giving up.

It needn’t be so. I am willing to compromise to a large extent. I am good at it.

PostHeaderIcon It's hard to kick a dog when he is down

It’s hard to kick a dog when he is down.

There was a woman who was unhappy with her husband. He was not very nice to her, and did not allow her to have much self-esteem. He was not much of a success himself.

Eventually she met another chap who made her feel good about herself, who appreciated her. She planned to leave her husband and ‘take up’ with this other man.

PostHeaderIcon The documentary

The Documentary

I have been honoured in that a very charming, vivacious documentary maker from Melbourne is interested in making a doc around me. She has been up here twice now, each time filming a little more. I have seen an uncut version of the first day, wherein only I spoke. It was somewhat of a shock!

I had no idea I was so entertaining, or that my face was so full of expression! I told my daughter this, saying, ‘It is no wonder that I am such a hit at guest speaking...’
‘Or that your little grandchildren just love you...’ she added.

PostHeaderIcon 'AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S HEALTH' magazine

I was fortunate enough to be included in a group of notable women who were featured in the above magazine, April issue. The caption on the front page read ‘Life Wisdom from Women Who Matter.’

The photographer who was sent to photograph me was told to get a semi-serious shot. This task proved to be difficult as I am not a ‘semi-serious’ type!

PostHeaderIcon My fear of trusting someone with the keys to my home began when I was eleven

My fear of trusting someone else with the keys to my home began when I was eleven.

My parents had overcome to some extent the poverty associated with moving from the dairy farm at Buccan to the suburb of Greenslopes in Brisbane. It had been a brave move in 1937. After two years, we were now settled in the new house in Bunya Street and Dad had a regular job as a carpenter. Grandma and Grandad had followed us into town, and lived three streets away.

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Business phone number; 07 5545 2100

PostHeaderIcon Household Chores

A very pleasant, well-spoken lady phoned me to order a book. Of course, I asked her about herself, as people want me to do. Was she happy with her life? W-e-e-ell, I suppose so, she said, but it was up to her to keep the home happy. How come?

PostHeaderIcon Meghan' Return Home

She left for London and adventure when she was nineteen. An attractive creature, she appeared to be full of confidence. I suppose she really was, as she left us at the airport, with her rucksack on her back.

Her cousin worked in London, this being her only connection. She readily obtained a job, and found a place to live. She then got a second job, as she wanted to see England and the Continent. Then she met Jamie, and together they toured around. They moved in together, and subsequently wed.

PostHeaderIcon A Bit On The Side

A male person called me. He was quite upset.

'I swear it was just a bit on the side. I could see she was attracted to me when we first met. She was a bit older than I, but well preserved in that Scandinavian sort of way. I liked the accent. And it was easy.

I had a good excuse to be away any night I wanted to. My partner and I have an agreement that I actually live elsewhere, sleep away for at least two nights a week. To protect my future property, when I come good, and also hers. She owns the place. And I needed a new venue. The previous arrangement had fallen through.

PostHeaderIcon Who Needs the Help?

Who needs the Help?

A nice man called to discuss my book. He told me about his recent trip to Bali.

'They are such a happy people. It is amazing how they build a big building. They frame up the huge beams where they are to remain and wheelbarrow the concrete up a plank to the site. Sometimes, the women carry the concrete, five big containers at once; one on her head, two on each end of a pole slung across their shoulders.

Two or three generations all live in the one small abode, all with smiles on their faces. What a lot we have to learn from them!