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I love being a guest speaker. I have spoken at lots of venues, hundreds of them, Probus Clubs, View Clubs, Seniors' Clubs, Garden Clubs, Writers’ Clubs, you name it. I am quite willing to go to country areas, providing allowance is made for my transport cost, accommodation if needed, and the like.

Some clubs insist on paying me, but I will consider ‘no fee’ if there is a good number of guests and it is easy for me to get there. A book signing is mandatory of course.

My talk is inspiring I suppose, entertaining and sometimes hilarious! We have a few good laughs! People tell me they came in feeling glum, and go out smiling and happy. I know I have a good effect on folk.

I speak about my life from a humble beginning at Logan Village, using bad grammar, not knowing how to do mental arithmetic ... to the tertiary educated person that I now am.

I then talk about Sex in Your Seventies, giving a summary of each chapter, getting the laughs as well as the sympathy as I go.

My message is: Push your boundaries, even if just by a little ... and instead of saying ‘Why ?’ sometimes it is better to say ‘Why not?’

I hope my guest speaking continues. All I require is an audience of forty or more, and the ability to sell my books to any who might wish to purchase them.