The doorbell woke me from my midday nap. I groggily answered the front door. The pleasant looking young man smiled at me. ‘My wife and I were going past your place,’ he said, ‘and we noticed all the oranges under the tree. I wondered if you could spare a few? They seem to be going to waste.’
‘Of course,’ I replied,’ you can take as many as you like. Do you have a bag?’ He assured me he had one in the car, adding that they had just put in an application to rent a house down the road, and that they were looking forward to living on this mountain.
‘Do you like lemonades?’ I asked. ‘There are plenty next to the orange tree. And what about limes? Look at all those beautiful fruit under the tree at the end of the row!’ He assured me they loved them all, so I told him to take plenty. ‘Make sure you get good ones,’ I instructed, ‘and make sure you enjoy them!’ The smile did not leave his face as he started down the steps. Then he turned.
‘Do you like honey?’ he asked as I nodded my tousled old head. ‘I’ll bring you a jar next time I’m up here.’ And I am sure he will not forget. No matter if he does; it gave me great pleasure to share my bounty with someone who appreciated it. I have had my reward.