Last year Logan Village celebrated 150 years of white settlement. This year, it was decided to keep that spirit alive, and have another heritage festival. Just one day, Sunday 14th September...last Sunday.

I played quite a large role last year, being the guest speaker at the Heritage Dinner at the local hotel. During proceedings, my second book about Logan Village was launched by the Federal Member. The book, titled 'Knee Deep in Logan Village' is a trilogy, written in the voices of my grandmother, my father and myself. It is about life as it was lived in those eras.


I forgot to inform Sue, my near neighbour and friend, that I was going whale-watching that day. Maureen and I were to leave at 6am in order to get to the pier at 7am. I usually phone Sue each day at 8am, whereby she knows I am okay. It is her way of checking on me, and I am so fortunate to have her concern. But she and her husband had been absent for a week, and I was sort of out of kilter a bit. I just plain forgot in the excitement of my outing.

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How sad it is.
He made much of me in my capacity of being a great help to the community. I felt really valued as a member.
The phone calls were many, and e-mails frequent, all very jolly and jovial…and a little bit flattering. I quite enjoyed them, not taking them seriously, but smiling the while. I suppose they made me feel young and desirable.


All is now pretty good. I had a left knee replacement in October, and I am only now starting to appreciate the operation. I had been in considerable pain and was limping all the time.
It has been quite an ordeal. I had expected it to be painful, but it seemed to go on for so long that one felt one was becoming a whinger!
The anaesthetic must have been marvellous, because one minute I was sitting on the edge of the operating table chatting nervously, the next I was in recovery, having had the operation. The attention was good and I felt I was coping well.


Sometimes the computer seems to go crazy.

Somewhere on my website, I had my e-mail address. My old address at Hotmail is now inaccessible, and I have a new one of:

Please feel free to contact me on this address if you are experiencing any difficulty in placing an order or similar.

Even I could not find this on my website. Doreen



When I accepted an invitation to be part of the forum on the SBS program ‘Insight’, I thought it was just a matter of flying to Sydney, playing my part in the taping of the program, returning to my hotel and coming home the next day. No so.

The subject matter being discussed by the forum is whether sex involving seniors is a taboo topic, especially for the young (and more). Because I have written the book ‘Sex in Your Seventies’, it was presumed that I would have an opinion on this. And I certainly do.

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I was delighted to be asked to express my views!

Women's Health

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Here's a write-up about a guest speech that I gave in late November at a Probus Club meeting ...

Probus speech

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It's sex and the senior moment for 84-year-old author Doreen Wendt-Weir

Doreen Weir

LET'S TALK ABOUT YOU-KNOW-WHAT: Doreen Wendt-Weir, 84, came up with the idea for her book Sex in Your Seventies while listening to uni students talk about sex. Picture: Luke Marsden Source: The Courier-Mail

DOREEN Wendt-Weir is just like any other sweet 84-year-old lady who enjoys sitting in her garden, assuming all those other sweet elderly ladies write and talk about sex for seniors.


My middle-aged, beautiful daughter is quite prim and prissy. She is also reserved and timid in the workplace. She works two days a week from home, typing medical reports, and is very happy in her job. She always tries to do what is asked of her, and does not like to upset anyone. She does not make waves.

When these women, quite a few of them, sign out for the day, they are required to do so on the computer, with a few words of farewell to the other co-workers.