My middle-aged, beautiful daughter is quite prim and prissy. She is also reserved and timid in the workplace. She works two days a week from home, typing medical reports, and is very happy in her job. She always tries to do what is asked of her, and does not like to upset anyone. She does not make waves.

When these women, quite a few of them, sign out for the day, they are required to do so on the computer, with a few words of farewell to the other co-workers.

Yesterday she was signing out as usual, and typed, (she thought) “I am now finished this shift...bye for now.’ Being a competent typist, she did not check her message, not realising that she had omitted the ‘f’ in ‘shift’ and it now read, ‘I am now finished this shit...bye for now.’...! Her words were sent far and wide, to the big boys and the ultimate boss.

My daughter only knew about this error when the replies started coming in the next morning. All were laughing out loud, as they said, because she is never one to put a foot wrong, and has been considered a bit aloof.

Despite her embarrassment, it appears that she is now well and truly ‘one of the gang’, a very good thing. Even she is now laughing.