PostHeaderIcon 'AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S HEALTH' magazine

I was fortunate enough to be included in a group of notable women who were featured in the above magazine, April issue. The caption on the front page read ‘Life Wisdom from Women Who Matter.’

The photographer who was sent to photograph me was told to get a semi-serious shot. This task proved to be difficult as I am not a ‘semi-serious’ type!

The poor man had taken hundreds of photos, with the hair stylist powdering my face every time I wiped my nose, or scratched it... when, of a sudden, I laughed at the situation, and he said... ‘Got it!’ It was not as he was assigned, but it was a good shot. I am very pleased with it, and am so glad that a happy photo was chosen of me.

The lacy blouse that I am wearing is older than I am. It was originally the bodice of a dress made by an aged relative in the early 1920s. I have adapted and cherished it for thirty years or more.

See this on page 89 of the magazine. Also see photo in 'Women's Health Magazine a full page entry.'