PostHeaderIcon Who Needs the Help?

Who needs the Help?

A nice man called to discuss my book. He told me about his recent trip to Bali.

'They are such a happy people. It is amazing how they build a big building. They frame up the huge beams where they are to remain and wheelbarrow the concrete up a plank to the site. Sometimes, the women carry the concrete, five big containers at once; one on her head, two on each end of a pole slung across their shoulders.

Two or three generations all live in the one small abode, all with smiles on their faces. What a lot we have to learn from them!

They dress shabbily really, but at festival time, such amazing finery comes out! Beautiful garments for all the family, even the children.

I was observing a woman cart water, heavy stuff. I thought to myself, ‘I would like to help them...’ But the thought then occurred to me...WE ARE THE ONES WHO NEED HELP!'