PostHeaderIcon It's hard to kick a dog when he is down

It’s hard to kick a dog when he is down.

There was a woman who was unhappy with her husband. He was not very nice to her, and did not allow her to have much self-esteem. He was not much of a success himself.

Eventually she met another chap who made her feel good about herself, who appreciated her. She planned to leave her husband and ‘take up’ with this other man.

She was all packed up, ready to ‘flit’, and she looked out of the window. There was her hapless, thoughtless husband in the vegetable garden, looking at the soil where he had planted a row of beans some two weeks before. They should have been up and sprouting by then. He looked sadly at the ground where he had planted the seeds, expectantly, dejectedly. Not one was in sight.

She slowly began to unpack. She could not leave him.