PostHeaderIcon SHE'S OURS!


I had committed the unpardonable sin. I had left my husband. My three young daughters had elected to go with me. And we were all of my relatives, but not by my neighbours and friends.

Times were tough economically, but the hardest part for us was the isolation from my family, my father and two sisters. My aunt was in ‘no man’s land’, she was not taking sides. I was quite desolate, despite my feeling that I had done what was best, but I tried not to communicate this to my children.

We heard about the family gathering. And we were not invited. Sadly we spent that evening in our little affordable house. I did at least have my piano, and we had music. How could they do it? How could they let me go? I who had stood firm and strong for all those years? My fingers might have played the ivory keys, but my heart and mind pondered this anguish. I could feel my heart breaking.

Some days after, my aunt called to see us. She, who had copped a lot of criticism herself in her younger days, made us feel just as valued as before this shocking event. She was my Godmother, and I always felt we were special to each other.

We eventually touched on the subject of the get-together. ‘I was appalled,’ she said. ‘I could not believe they would be so critical. Your step-mother led the chase. I think she was gleeful that your Daddy was so angry with you. You and he were always close, and I think she was resentful.

‘But I was shocked that your sisters, and my brother, my beloved brother who had a reputation for being so reasonable...I could not get over that no-one, NO-ONE, put in a good word for you! It was like a feeding frenzy!

‘I listened for a while, but it when your father flung his hateful words into the melee, that I interrupted.

‘But Harry,’ I said, ‘She’s ours! She’s OURS! And that stopped them. Not another word was said. I left them soon after, and I don’t know if any more words of criticism ensued. I doubt it.’

Thankyou, darling Aunt.

I learned to make my own way. My father eventually returned to my fold, closer than ever as it turned out. But I have not forgotten those words, those important words...'she’s ours!'