Snippet for Andrew at The Scenic News

One thing always leads to another.
One of the many interviews that I have done has lead to a learned fellow coming up to do a podcast about ageing, with me, the nonagenarian, doing the talking! He thought it was very good, and a week or so later I received a request from him...would I consider being interviewed by a well-known woman in New York who was putting a book together on aged women achievers.
‘Of course,’ I replied. It led to a marvellous conversation with a charming lady who wanted to know all about the four main books that I had written...especially the last one about ‘Gardening in Your Nineties, the sequel to Sex in Your Seventies.’ She had also interviewed two other women who were in their eighties. One was a playwright who was in the throes of having her play produced in New York; the other was a writer of children’s books who was about to have her fourth book published. So I was in very good company, to say nothing of the interviewer herself who was a remarkable person (and almost out of her seventies.) I mentioned that I would just love to sit and chat to the other three, and all concurred with the idea.
My interviewer loved it that I said I endeavoured to remain cheerful even in difficult times, and that my mantra was ‘If you don’t use it you lose it!’