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Knee Deep in Logan Village - paperback front cover
Knee Deep in Logan Village - paperback back cover

An anecdotal and oral history of three Generations who lived and toiled in the Logan Village District ...

This year, Logan Village is celebrating 150 years of white settlement. My great-grandparents, Adolf Ludwig and Emilie Wendt, were among those first settlers. Their farm, Pleasant View, on the Logan River at Chambers Flat, lies across the river from Logan Village. Four generations of Wendts have farmed this property. My grandfather Hermann was born there, as was my father Harry. But it was Ludwig's second son Otto, and Otto's son Stanley who remained on the farm. Ivan is Stan's youngest son, and it is he who operates this successful dairy farm today.

Having written a previous book, Barefoot in Logan Village, which is being re-printed for this occasion, I have endeavoured to add to the picture that I had already painted in this book of life in the 'old days.'

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